EBROW 2023 - Milan, February 2023

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate, and more importantly to actively contribute to the 3rd European Bronchiectasis Workshop (EBROW 2023).

Previous editions of the World Bronchiectasis Conference series (Milan 2017, Virtual Edition 2020, Prague 2022) have seen attendances of more than 400 participants from all over the World, with each edition enjoying excellent participant engagement through the presentation of abstracts (90 per edition in average). The 1st and 2nd European Bronchiectasis Workshops –  Vienna July 2019 and Virtually July 2021, saw over 200 specialists meet to face and discuss the most relevant arguments on the subject. The 3rd European Bronchiectasis Workshop will take place on February 23rd – 25th 2023 at Humanitas University in Pieve Emanuele in the Milan area.

As has been shared during previous editions of the European Workshop, the small but very committed European community of scientists and experts in the field confirms that bronchiectasis and its comorbidities  continue to often be misdiagnosed and not appropriately treated.

Epidemiology is still  incomplete and country dependent,  whilst diagnostic tools and definition of the pathology has progressed a lot. Management is still far from being uniform and completely satisfactory while specific treatments are still not available,   even though new therapies should become available in the  coming years.

In this rapidly changing panorama it is crucial to gather the experts to discuss these and other important evolutions, continuously  improving the knowledge and management of this long-term condition. This is especially true in the post – covid  reality and within the complex and diverse healthcare systems  across Europe.

Focus is also needed on new research and case studies to help the small but active community of specialists working in the field to share knowledge and continue the networking activities that have, in  recent years, produced so many improvements in the knowledge and in the management of the disease ; always keeping our focus on patients’ wellbeing and quality of life.

Joining forces, exchanging clinical experiences, sharing data and ideas,  expanding the network of active experts and investigators in the field of NTM & Bronchiectasis are the main goals of the workshop.

We would therefore be delighted if you  would consider attending and actively contribute to the 3rd European Bronchiectasis Workshop.

For further information please visit https://bronchiectasis-eu.org/2023/ or email info@bronchiectasis-eu.org .