BRONCH-UK  is funded by the Medical Research Council, UK.

We are a group of bronchiectasis centres and associated scientific experts – the below reflect a much larger group of supporters at each centre contributing to the recruitment of bronchiectasis patients to the study.


  1. Dr A De Soyza  (Newcastle)
  2. Dr A Hill (Edinburgh)
  3. Dr A Sullivan (Birmingham)
  4. Prof J Brown & Dr J Hurst (UCL, London)
  5. Prof S Elborn & Prof J Bradley (Belfast)
  6. Dr M Loebinger (Brompton, London)
  7. Dr C Haworth & Dr A Floto (Papworth, Cambridge)
  8. Dr T Wilkinson & Dr Mary Carroll (Southampton)
  9. Dr J Duckers (Llandough)
  10. Dr James Chalmers - affiliated member (Dundee University) - Link with European Bronchiectasis Registry (EMBARC)

Scientific experts

  1. Prof Craig Winstanley (Liverpool)
  2. Prof W Cookson (London)
  3. Prof J Pearson (Newcastle)
  4. Dr P Kelleher  (Imperial London)
  5. Dr Richard McNally (Newcastle)
  6. F. Copeland  (Lay member, participant user representative)

We acknowledge the support of Dr J Foweraker (Papworth Cambridge) & Prof D Bilton (Brompton, London)

We have received support from the following groups:

 The US COPD foundation

The Pharmaceutical Industry

The UK respiratory research collaborative

The British Lung Foundation

The British Thoracic Society

EMBARC – A European Respiratory Society Initiative


ISRCTN registration number:  ISRCTN17489966.

Contact details

Chief Investigator:

Dr A De Soyza   

Respiratory Medicine Group Institute of Cellular Medicine

Newcastle University


E-mail: Anthony.de-soyza@ncl.ac.uk

Project Manager:

Mr Phil Mawson

Research Project Manager

Newcastle University


E-mail: philip.mawson@newcastle.ac.uk